3 Steps to an Entry Level Developer role

How do you land an entry-level developer role?

The strategy outlined below will minimize your job search time. This article will provide the best results if you will either be searching for such a role soon or hoping to accelerate the pace of your job search process. As a note, if you would like a more tailored strategy for the developer role, we will provide relevant reading at the end of this article.


software engineer resume entry level
Talented software developers are often spotted through their open source contributions. Their projects on GitHub can not only get them noticed- they can also land them a job.

The growth of the technology industry comes with an incredible demand for talented developers. To land an entry-level job, you need a technical portfolio, the attention of software developers and a professional mindset.


Step One:

Software engineers are no strangers to the open source community. One reliable way to carve out secure job prospects is to post your technical projects on GitHub with a brief readme document.

Large companies are impressed by portfolios that demonstrate depth whereas smaller companies are typically looking for breadth.


Step Two:

Now, you want to make a list of 15 software engineers in your network; they should all be working at companies that are actively hiring for your position. These could be friends and family. They could also be alumni from your college, individuals you met at a networking event, etc. The goal is to gain their feedback on your portfolio.

With this feedback, you will be able to adapt your codebase to meet the standards the workforce demands. Once it reaches that point, you should ask your point of contact for a referral to their manager.


Step Three:

With a friendly referral provided to the hiring manager, it is up to you to lock down the job offer. We recommend coming prepared with a software engineer approved resume, a verbalized motivation for wanting to join their company and, if applicable, one or two peer references.

The combination of your portfolio with these professional assets will convey your preparedness not only for the open position but also for the workforce at large.


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