3 Steps to an Entry Level Marketing Analyst role

How do you land an entry-level marketing analyst role?

The strategy outlined below will minimize your job search time. This article will provide the best results if you will either be searching for such a role soon or hoping to accelerate the pace of your job search process. As a note, if you would like a more tailored strategy for the marketing analyst role, we will provide relevant reading at the end of this article.


Marketing analysts gather information about the market, consumers and competitors in order to secure competitive advantage
Marketing analysts gather information about the market, consumers and competitors in order to secure competitive advantage


An entry level marketing analyst needs a Bachelor’s degree in a business field to be considered ‘qualified’. After that point, these three steps can get applicants more interviews (+ a great mentor network in the field).


Step One:

There are 25k+ open marketing analyst positions and 360k+ business grads per year. These facts make the recruiting environment particularly competitive for this role. In order to succeed, you need to spread your bets across 30-40 companies. Pick companies that are actively hiring for entry-level marketing analysts and are in your preferred geographies.

Once you have this list, rank the companies by your level of interest.


Step Two:

Now, you need to find folks you know at each of these companies. We recommend using social networks like LinkedIn or Facebook to achieve this. Send a friendly intro message and ask if they would be willing to connect you to a marketing analyst at their company. Your goal here will be to learn as much as you can about the role.

As a bonus, if there is good chemistry, you can request that they put in a good word to HR about your upcoming application. This will put you through a dedicated recruitment track within the company.


Step Three:

Finally, you need to ensure that your application does not raise any red flags. These red flags can squander everything you have worked so hard for. First, use this marketing analyst approved template to format your resume.

Next, do your homework on their company, their market and their market positioning so that you can ace your first few conversations with existing employees. Finally, be sure to keep following up with your contact to ensure your application does, in fact, result in an interview.


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