3 Steps to Land an Entry Level Business Analyst role

How do you land an entry-level business analyst role?

The strategy outlined below will minimize your job search time. This article will provide the best results if you will either be searching for such a role soon or hoping to accelerate the pace of your job search process. As a note, if you would like a more tailored strategy for the business analyst role, we will provide relevant reading at the end of this article.


The understanding that business analysts bring about the market the company's positioning helps guide the way to the future
The understanding that business analysts bring about the market the company’s positioning helps guide the way to the future


If you are transitioning into the business analyst role, you are in luck. Companies have incredible demand for individuals that understand the market and the data within. Below are three steps to break you into the role.


Step One:

Find 20 companies hiring for business analysts. Most entry-level applicants will apply to somewhere between 5-15 companies. Can you guess which applicants are getting more interviews?

We recommend making a list of about 20 companies. You should rank these in order of your likelihood to get an interview. The 5 most difficult companies will be considered your “reach companies,” the next 10 will be your “target companies” and then the final 5 will be your “safety companies.”


Step Two:

Utilize your network to find friends, family members, friendly alumni, etc. at each of these companies starting from your “safety companies”. LinkedIn is a popular tool that can help you quickly find these individuals. Even if they are not business analysts, they should be able to introduce you to one at their company.

Your goal will be to get on the phone with one or two of the business analysts and learn more about their role, the interview process and how they recommend you moving forward. Through the call, you want to demonstrate your interest in the company and industry by referencing specific news stories and market announcements.

The combination of asking questions and demonstrating interest should create a comfortable enough environment where you can ask them for an internal referral.


Step Three:

Now that you have a referral, you basically have someone that the company trusts expressing their trust in you. In order to secure the referral, you want to send them a brief thank you email with your resume attached. Ensure you are using a resume format that has been approved by business analysts like this one.

From here, you should be able to accelerate your job search process and convert more applications into interviews.


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