Entry-Level Project Manager Resumes for Students

How should students write resumes that get interviews for roles as a project manager?

When hiring project managers, companies are looking for individuals who have, well, managed projects and people. They want to see 2-3 examples of projects that were completed under your watch. Include team sizes, number of external dependencies and employer satisfaction. Last but not least, mention when the project was completed relative to the deadline.

Project managers are responsible for a project getting done properly and on time. This means planning, procurement and execution. If you are looking for the person that knows the big picture, look no further than the project manager.

In this article, you will find a resume sample that is vouched for by recruiters, tips from a project manager on how to write a resume that stands out as a student, how to properly highlight your education & work experience and behind-the-curtains insight into how project manager screen resumes.

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Project manager resumes must clearly outline examples where projects got done on time, under budget and with high satisfaction.

There are over 89,286 open positions for this role within the United States posting an average salary of $89286. Getting your foot in the door with your resume is the most difficult part.

Below, you will find excerpts of an interview with a project manager who will break down each section of the resume, share a brief overview of what stands out to them and provide bullet point examples you can use as you adapt your own resume.

Given that these professionals spend 6 seconds per resume, every bullet of every section has an important role to play in securing interviews.


Q: What should project manager candidates include in their resume’s education section?
A: You need to include the most recent 2 schools you attended, your majors, GPA and dates attended. If you have a business degree, this is the time to highlight it.

Q: What majors are companies looking for in project manager hires?
A: Companies are looking for project manager candidates that have a Bachelor’s degree in a business field. If the company if hiring for an IT project manager role, they will accept business majors as well as computer science majors.

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Q: Should I only list work experience that relates to what a project manager does?
A: List work experience that relates to projects you have actively managed from start to finish. For the purpose of your resume, the more complex the project, the better. For experienced candidates, these should be examples from the field. For entry-level candidates, these can include extracurricular or school projects.

Q: How can I convey that I am qualified to be a project manager?
A: If you can show evidence that you can get projects done on time, withiin the budget and with smiles on everyone’s faces, you are in good shape. Display 2-3 examples of those and your resume should fly through.

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Additional Experience

Q: What if I don’t have enough work experience?
A: For folks transitioning into project management from another field and for those that are just entering the industry, this is normal and expected. Alternative ways to show that you are qualified would be to earn a certification from trusted third parties or take on an unpaid internship in the field.

Q: What skills go on a project manager resume?
A: Most people will include basic skills like Word, PowerPoint and Excel on their resumes. In this day and age, those skills will not help you stand out. Instead, include skills like SCRUM, quality management, risk management and scheduling. These are more direct and convey what you are capable of.

We hope you found this interview valuable as you continue to adapt your resume.

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