Technical Recruiter Resumes for Students

How should recent grads write resumes that get interviews for roles as a technical recruiter?

Technical recruiters must meet and exceed their company’s talent bar for all of their open positions. After all, the quality of the recruiter candidate’s resume and cover letter will determine what they allow from others.

Technical recruiters represent the first line of attack for companies participating in the technology talent wars. A technical recruiter that’s intelligent, personable and detail-oriented can make all the difference between success and failure.

In this article, you will find a resume sample that is vouched for by recruiters, tips from a technical recruiter on how to write a resume that stands out as a recent grad, how to properly highlight your education & work experience and behind-the-curtains insight into how technical recruiter screen resumes.

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There are over 69,703 open positions for this role within the United States posting an average salary of $69703. Getting your foot in the door with your resume is the most difficult part.

Below, you will find excerpts of an interview with a technical recruiter who will break down each section of the resume, share a brief overview of what stands out to them and provide bullet point examples you can use as you adapt your own resume.

Given that these professionals spend 6 seconds per resume, every bullet of every section has an important role to play in securing interviews.



Q: What should technical recruiter candidates include in their resume’s education section?
A: Technical recruiter candidates should include their school name, degree they earned, major/minors, GPA and dates attended. For candidates applying for their first job, they should also include their high school experience and standardized test scores.

Q: What majors are companies looking for in technical recruiter hires?
A: Great technical recruiters often come from liberal arts majors. To be more specific, Philosophy, English and Political Science serve as ideal majors because they are discussion-oriented, heavy on reading and teach students how to read between the lines. These are invaluable skills when quickly assessing candidates.

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Q: Should I only list work experience that relates to what a technical recruiter does?
A: While this is not necessary, it would be useful to mention experiences where your recruiting or sales skills will used. Popular examples would be recruiting students for your club, fraternity or sorority. The better you did here, the more likely you are to be a good recruiter.

Q: How many professional experience bullet points do I need?
A: List 3-4 internships or jobs that you have completed or are completing. Within each of these, you should put 3-4 of your accomplishments. Now, most people will list their job description in the bullet points. This is bad! The truth is that we want to know what you actually achieved while you were in your role.

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Additional Experience

Q: Do I need to list my GPA?
A: Yes, it is a good idea to list your GPA. Many companies use computerized application systems that will give your resume a red flag if your GPA is not included.

Q: Do I need to be technical to get an interview for a technical recruiter position?
A: Usually not. Now, most companies will offer training when you start so that you know how to ask technical questions and assess candidates. On your resume, you should list any experience you have with advanced software, like Adobe PhotoShop, to make the case that you are technology-literate.


We hope you found this interview valuable as you continue to adapt your resume.

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