Tech Resumes for Coding Bootcamp Grads (Part 2)

How should coding bootcamp grads write resumes that get interviews in the technology industry?

Coding bootcamp grads must showcase their ability to navigate the entire stack with 3-4 projects. The baseline expectation is to showcase your breadth. To go above and beyond, you must show that engineers respect you and that you have an unbreakable theoretical foundation. Keep reading for tips on this.

Coding bootcamps serve as a natural bridge into the technology industry. Students that go through these programs are equipped with practical programming skills that lets them start adding value immediately for companies. Increasingly, bootcamp grads are becoming more highly embraced by industry.

In this article, you will find a resume sample that is vouched for by recruiters, tips from a general recruiter on how to write a resume that stands out as a coding bootcamp grad, how to properly highlight your education & work experience and behind-the-curtains insight into how general recruiter screen resumes.

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Coding bootcamp graduates are taking up a larger percentage of the overall talent pool for technology jobs. It's become more necessary for their resumes to pack a punch.
Coding bootcamp graduates are taking up a larger percentage of the overall talent pool for technology jobs. It’s become more necessary for their resumes to pack a punch.


There are over 223K open positions in this industry posting an average salary of $92000. The technology industry is prominent in U.S. cities like San Francisco Bay Area, New York City and Austin with global hubs in Bangalore, Beijing and Berlin. Similar to other industries, the largest filter of candidates happens in the stage between applications and interviews.

Below, you will find excerpts of an interview with a general recruiter who will break down each section of the resume, share a brief overview of what stands out to them and provide bullet point examples you can use as you adapt your own resume.

Given that these professionals spend 6 seconds per resume, every bullet of every section has an important role to play in securing interviews.


Q: Should I include my coding bootcamp on my resume?
A: I would recommend that you do. We’re always looking for great talent whether they come from a traditional 4-year program or not. It’s more important that you can do the work that the job demands.

Q: Is there any stigma against coding bootcamp grads?
A: I suspect it’s the same stigma that a Berkeley student may have against a Stanford student. I have not personally experienced the fact that an applicant is a coding bootcamp grad to be a discriminating one. For traditional CS students, I have found that this adds to your overall profile. For non-CS students, I have found that it’s slowly morphing into a natural bridge into the technology world.

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Q: What if I don’t have enough relevant work experience?
A: With the investment you’ve placed in your coding bootcamp, I would expect that you’ve walked away having built at least 3-5 fullstack applications and several partial ones. These should lead to a strong Project section. If you are extra sensitive about this point, you may be able to turn your project experience into freelance opportunities; these would then be categorized appropriately as work experience.

Q: Do projects I completed at the bootcamp count as work experience?
A: No, I do not believe that is a fair categorization. Under work experience, we’re looking for instances where you worked under a manager, on a team on structured projects.

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Additional Experience

Q: How should a coding bootcamp graduate stand out in their resume?
A: A coding bootcamp graduate, to some extent, already stands out by voluntary participating in a rigorous, academic setting purely to improve their coding skills. To stand out within that crowd, it pays to follow that experience with freelance and/or technically complex projects. These tell me that you do well with clients and with projects that may be above your head to start with. These are great markers that should help you stand out.

Q: Are some coding bootcamps better than others for landing jobs?
A: Not that I know of. An applicant with a track record of building projects, experimenting with the latest technologies and explaining them clearly gets a gold star in my books.


We hope you found this interview valuable as you continue to adapt your resume.

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