Sales Engineer Resumes for College Seniors

How should college seniors write resumes that get interviews for roles as a sales engineer?

Sales engineer candidates must highlight any sales track record they have on their resume. If they are new to the workforce, they should highlight experience in business capacities as well as engineering capacities. It is this blend of skills that makes employers demand sales engineers so highly.

Sales engineers are a blend between sales and engineering. They can sell technology products with their strengths in translating technical concerns into business-centric answers . This field is projected to grow by 7% as the technology industry continues it’s fast pace of growth.

In this article, you will find a resume sample that is vouched for by recruiters, tips from a sales engineer on how to write a resume that stands out as a college senior, how to properly highlight your education & work experience and behind-the-curtains insight into how sales engineer screen resumes.

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There are over 30,000 open sales engineering positions in the United States


There are over 97650 open positions for this role within the United States posting an average salary of $97650. Getting your foot in the door with your resume is the most difficult part.

Below, you will find excerpts of an interview with a sales engineer who will break down each section of the resume, share a brief overview of what stands out to them and provide bullet point examples you can use as you adapt your own resume.

Given that these professionals spend 6 seconds per resume, every bullet of every section has an important role to play in securing interviews.


Q: What should sales engineer candidates include in their resume’s education section?
A: They should include information about their undergraduate and/or graduate schools including the school name, location, dates attended, areas of study and GPA. It is critical to mention your GPA for entry-level positions.

Q: What majors are companies looking for in sales engineer hires?
A: The most natural fit for sales engineering positions would be college students pursuing technical majors. If you are not pursuing a technical major, you should still include your undergraduate & high school experience but emphasize sales and business experience within the work experience section.

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Q: Should I only list work experience that relates to what a sales engineer does?
A: Focus on either sales experience or technical experience. This will make it very clear for the person reviewing your resume that 1) you are qualified for the position, 2) that you are deliberate in how you present yourself for the role (just like a sales engineer would) and 3) you are serious about this.

Q: What qualifies as relevant experience for sales engineering?
A: On the sales side, it would be ideal to mention any experience you have working with prospective or existing clients. A great example we saw recently was a candidate mentioning how they led demos of new artificial intelligence solutions to prospective clients increasing their conversion rate by a couple percentage points. This told us that the candidate grasped both sales and technical complexity well. On the technical side, we are looking for someone that isn’t necessarily a coder but understands how software systems work. Relevant experience would be serving as a client for a freelance software design project or working on a team to launch a smartphone application.

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Additional Experience

Q: How do I share information without betraying my previous employer’s trust?
A: Great question. You should never reveal any proprietary information. After all, if you share this information with us, what is stopping you from sharing something confidential about us with our competitors? However, because you still want to provide useful information, there are some things you can do. First, you can ask your previous employer directly to review your resume to ensure you are compliant. Second, you can provide ranges instead of exact numbers. Third, you can list broad categorizations of clients instead of exact names.

Q: Do I need coding experience to qualify for the technical piece of this role?
A: It is absolutely not necessary to have coding experience. You should understand basic industry terms like: cloud, server, database, front-end, back-end, etc. There are a lot of free websites that provide this sort of information for you to study up on.


We hope you found this interview valuable as you continue to adapt your resume.

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