Tech Resumes for Technical Recent Grads

How should technical recent grads write resumes that get interviews in the technology industry?

For recent grads, technology companies aim to answer the following questions about you. What experience do you have in this role? Have you worked in this industry before? Do you have experience delivering quality products to customers?

With millions of positions throughout the country, the technology industry is a great home for technical recent grads.

In this article, you will find a resume sample that is vouched for by recruiters, tips from a technical recruiter on how to write a resume that stands out as a technical recent grad, how to properly highlight your education & work experience and behind-the-curtains insight into how technical recruiter screen resumes.

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Recent grads with resumes geared towards the technology industry have thousands of open positions available to them
Recent grads with resumes geared towards the technology industry have thousands of open positions available to them


There are over 7.3M open positions in this industry posting an average salary of $92000. The technology industry is prominent in U.S. cities like San Francisco Bay Area, New York City and Austin with global hubs in Bangalore, Beijing and Berlin. Similar to other industries, the largest filter of candidates happens at the resume stage.

Below, you will find excerpts of an interview with a technical recruiter who will break down each section of the resume, share a brief overview of what stands out to them and provide bullet point examples you can use as you adapt your own resume.

Given that these professionals spend 6 seconds per resume, every bullet of every section has an important role to play in securing interviews.


Q: Is it necessary for me to have an education section even though I have already graduated?
A: Yes! Most job applicants, regardless of their experience level, will keep their college-level experience on their resume. For applicants earlier on in their journey (0-2 years of working experience), they may include information from high school as well.

Q: Is it a red flag if I was not working right out of college?
A: Not necessarily. Companies realize that everyone’s situation, whether it has to do with health, finance or something else, is complicated and so it is not judged as a red flag. You may be asked by a recruiter about this gap period to ensure that both parties are on the same page.

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Q: What information should I include in the Work Experience section of my resume?
A: You should include 3-4 experiences that showcase your technical merit. They can be internships, part-time and full-time positions. Include a variety of languages and frameworks you have used.

Q: Do all my experiences need to be technical?
A: In my opinion, they do not need to be. It is better if they are as it tells us you’re committed to technical mastery and have had a few opportunities to refine your skills. If they are not, be sure to highlight skills that can be of use in a technical capacity as well.

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Additional Experience

Q: How should my resume be ordered as a recent grad?
A: First, I would recommend all of your basic information at the top (name, contact info, etc.). Then, I would move on to education followed by professional experience. Finally, you should include an Extracurriculars and then a Skills & Interests section.

Q: What is the appropriate length of a resume?
A: With your experience level, I would say one page.

We hope you found this interview valuable as you continue to adapt your resume.

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